Smart Columbus is Coming to Rev1 Ventures

Test drive electric vehicles and learn more about Smart Columbus. Together, let's transport our city to the future.

What is the Ride and Drive Roadshow?

The Ride and Drive Roadshow is your opportunity to join Smart Columbus in leading our community's shift to electric vehicles and other transportation alternatives. You'll be guided through an interactive experience about the Smart Columbus initiative and the benefits of electric vehicles. Most important, you'll have the opportunity to test drive one of the many electric vehicles on the market today.

About Smart Columbus

Smart Columbus is the smart city initiative for the Columbus Region. We have a vision that starts with the reinvention of mobility, which will lead us to a future beyond what anyone has yet imagined.

Smart Columbus is working to develop a more environmentally sustainable transportation system in Columbus, while modernizing the city's infrastructure. The initiative will pave the way to a future of shared, electric, connected and autonomous vehicles.